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The sun


Be a happy sunflower! Looking up at the sweet smiling face and facing the most beautiful sun, I exchanged my tears for brilliant sunshine and planted colorful hopes.

After the storm, the sun is still shining, and the blue sky is still so bright. Hope devours despair, sunshine covers darkness, and happiness smoothes sadness. Even if the rogue is such a magnificent and strong giant, he will eventually fall in a pool of deep red blood and be completely eliminated. Hope is a magical seed, sprouting quietly in my heart. In the cold winter, I still taste the beautiful colors and fragrant peaches and plums in spring. In hope, I saw hope again.

There is never a wound that can't be cured, only an unforgivable wound that can't be relieved. Hiding in a dark corner and wiping away tears, you can't tell the crystal or turbidity of tears, you can't tell the melancholy or despair in your heart, and you can't remember the colorful hopes or sunshine. Accustomed to sitting on the cold floor, stinging memories groping for infinite expansion, embracing your knees, but even more desperate, this is the life you want? Live with self-deception, floating like a dead soul. What about you? What about you? Where did it go? I tell you there is still a wonderful thing in this world called hope. Turn out your mood and bask in the sunshine. Like a petite sunflower, face the most beautiful sun and evaporate the darkness and bitterness in your heart. Jump on the golden staff and play the dance music that belongs only to you. You only belong to hope, you can only plant hope.

If anyone saw a spider web under the eaves, even though it was broken, there was always a stupid spider constantly mending the broken web, carefully spitting out silk threads, circling round and round, trying to darn its home, and when the wind blew, it could be seen that it and the spider web were shaking. The net was woven and slept peacefully in the center, but unfortunately it was broken by raindrops, and it opened its eyes and tried to mend the net.

Unfortunate things happened again. The spider was still working hard, weaving the web without slack. This is the power of hope. Maybe the spider's web will be broken 49 times, but the "stupid" spider will still mend the web for the 50th time. Because it knows there is hope in this world, it has planted hope in its heart.

Plant hope, sprinkle happy spring water and shine warm sunshine. No matter how big the wound is, it will be sewed up and healed by hope, and even the trace of existence can't be found. Because there is hope. Because of sunshine, because of love, the world will be so wonderful. The seed named Hope, planted in my heart, broke ground and grew into a tall and straight tree. The thick branches covered the storm and thunder and lightning.

Plant hope! Because we should face the most beautiful sun like beautiful sunflowers.

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