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终于在一个光线阴暗的通道口,找到了一座很高、很陡、很破败的楼梯。我小心翼翼地踏了上去,好恐怖呀!脚下的木质楼板 竟 发 出 了“吱吱吜吜”的尖叫声,我壮了壮胆,继续慢慢地往上走。走了两、三分钟却好象已经走了两、三个小时似的,终于到达楼顶了。在高高的阳台上,我看见爸爸还在与老邻居说说笑笑呢。我大叫:“爸爸,我想回家了!”爸爸回过头,看见我在楼上,半开玩笑地说:“你已经上去了,就多呆一会儿吧,好好参观一下!”爸爸转过头去,又开始说笑起来,完全置我于黑黑的楼阁不顾,我只得悻悻地下楼去!



Today is a cloudy and rainy day, and it is so cold at home. I decided to go for a run and exercise with my dad, hoping to make myself warm up as soon as possible. Apart from anything else, we rushed out of the door and ran for more than half an hour for a long distance.

When we came back, we passed through Shixin Street. There are many old houses here, all of which are made of wood, which is very interesting! I don't even know the vicissitudes of these houses. I just feel that the old houses were all made of wood, no wonder the word "lou" in "loufang" is next to the word "wood". I ran with my dad. At this time, my dad took me to one of the most dilapidated houses, where many, many residents lived. I listened to my dad telling his old neighbors about funny stories about his childhood, because when my dad was very young I live here. Listen, listen, I suddenly found that this house has two floors! I quickly left my dad to find the ladder upstairs, looking for it for a long time.

Finally, at the entrance of a dimly lit passage, I found a very tall, very steep and very run-down staircase. I stepped on it cautiously, it was so horrible! The wooden floor slab under my feet actually screamed "Xianziququ". I strengthened my courage and continued to walk up slowly. After walking for two or three minutes, it seemed as if two or three hours had already been gone, and finally reached the roof. On the high balcony, I saw my father still talking and laughing with the old neighbor. I yelled, "Dad, I want to go home!" Dad turned around and saw me upstairs. He said half-jokingly, "You have already gone up. Just stay a little longer and take a look!" Dad turned his head and turned his head. , I started talking and laughing again, completely disregarding me in the dark pavilion, I had to go downstairs in anguish!

Later, I went home, and I took a close look at my new home, the white walls, big windows, spacious living room, exquisite furniture... Heh, how beautiful and warm my new home is! I'm more Love my home!

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