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Today is a good day, and my mood is very good, because today I am going to learn breaststroke formally. A few days ago, I did ventilation exercises and underwater adaptability training, and I feel that swimming is really fun. In the morning, I specifically asked my father to find a video of the frog swimming from the computer, "Wow, the frog's posture is really beautiful, and it is worthy of being a swimming ‘good player’."

With the impression of frog swimming, I went to the major sports school swimming pool in the afternoon. After the warm-up exercises, the teacher first asked us to do kick exercises on the shore. I lay on the foam skateboard and did breaststroke kick exercises. The teacher explained: "During breaststroke, the thighs and the small back are at a certain angle, and the thighs should be closed at the same time. Close up, my feet must be hooked up.” I listened to the frog swimming in my mind and started practicing. The first group did 40, the second group 50... to the sixth group I did 90 at once. . After taking a break, the teacher said that I could go into the water. I couldn't wait to "plop" and jumped into the pool. Holding on to the foam skateboard, kicking exercises in the water, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, I can swim slowly without holding the board, and the farther and farther I swim, the farthest swim 15 meters at a time, I My heart is broken, I can already swim alone.

After learning to kick, the teacher taught us the arm movements. At the beginning, I could not swim in a straight line. When I was swimming, I hit the laneway line. After the teacher's guidance, I was gradually able to swim in a straight line. After one and a half hours of practice, I was exhausted. Although swimming is very tiring, it brings me a lot of joy and I have to keep going.

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