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I started to introduce from the morning, the east showed a faint light in the early morning, and the community showed his majesty in the subtle light. Ah! A new day has begun in the power plant community.

Going home from school at noon, the scorching sun is sky, the sun is like fire. It seems that the sky has exploded. We rushed to the house like ants on the pot. And some people talk and laugh all the way as if they are very happy.

After lunch, you stand in Building 10 and look north, and you have a panoramic view of the entire community. 10 majestic and majestic buildings face each other in a distance. There is a wide lawn in the middle of the two columns of buildings. Green grass covers the entire lawn. There are many trees and flowers around the lawn. It is autumn now, and the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus is permeated in the sky.

To the north of the lawn is sports equipment, including horizontal bars, parallel bars, sit-ups, exercise hand fitness equipment, and horse riding...

The bright moon was sky at night, and there was no cloud in the sky. Many grandparents who have eaten dinner come down for a walk, such as Nai Bi Zhou, Nai Pan, Grandpa Wang and so on.

Sometimes some children will come down to play, and I am one of them. Sometimes we also get together to talk about games such as Purcell, Moore Manor, Obi Island and so on.

The power plant complex seemed to be shrouded in darkness late at night. Some children have already entered a sweet dream, some have only finished homework assigned by the teacher, and some are preparing to take a bath.

Some adults only come down for a walk, some adults are watching TV comfortably in the bed, some are playing on the computer, and some adults have already helped the children make quilts and go to sleep by themselves.

A beautiful day in the community is about to pass, and we will be greeted with a better tomorrow.

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