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Weekend is the happiest time for me. Not only can I not go to school, but I can also go out to play with my mother. Therefore, I am looking forward to the weekend every time, but I am naturally timid. Whenever my mother has something to do, I will be locked up at home and I will not be allowed to go anywhere.

Today is the weekend, according to the usual time, today is the time when my mother will take me out to play, but because my mother is coming to work,

When I called and asked my mother to work overtime, I had to give up playing time, so I had to stay at home by myself. When my mother left, she told me, "Xiaoqiang, you should read and do your homework at home, watch TV for a while when you have a rest, and don't go out at will, so as not to meet bad people ..."

I nodded heavily, watched my mother disappear, took out my exercise book and did it seriously. Time slipped past me quietly. After two hours, my mother hasn't come back yet, and there is no phone call. I was a little scared, so I turned on the TV, which was playing the painted skin of Liaozhai. The horrible appearance of the painted skin scared me to death, so I immediately turned off the TV.

Although I am in the sixth grade now, I am born with little courage, and I don't know why. It seems that I will practice my courage in the future, and don't be so timid. In this way, I can do many things, and my mother won't have to worry about me any more.

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