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Fenghuang Ancient Town


Phoenix is a magical and beautiful land. My parents and aunt took my brother and I into the ancient city of Phoenix.

If you go to Fenghuang Ancient City and don't take a look at Qiliang Cave, the second largest stalactite cave in the world, you will go to Phoenix for nothing. As the saying goes, you will suffer if you don't listen to good people. As soon as I got there, Dad stuffed two sugar-coated cannonballs for both of us. Mom, dad and aunt entered Qiliang Cave with curiosity.

As soon as we arrived at the first scenic spot, we couldn't help being amazed. Originally, the name of the first scenic spot was "Rain Washes New Lotus". The stalactites looked like two lotus flowers in bud, and water kept flowing down on them. It was really called to get rid of mud without dyeing it. Moreover, there is a layer of stone powder on the stalactites, which makes the rain wash the new lotus a little pink, and the light shines on it, which makes the rain wash the new lotus more unique.

Before leaving the rain to wash the new lotus and coming to the bird to eat the fish head, the tour guide told us a few little knowledge: "This stalactite grows one centimeter on average in five years. It took more than a hundred years for the bird to eat the fish head. If you want this bird to eat the fish head, you will have to wait at least 50 years."

Go to the front of a big jar of alcoholic liquor, and suddenly the wine is overflowing and the wine is fragrant. Because the temperature here is suitable, it is easy to store old wines. I heard that all the wines of Beijing Olympic Games are transferred from here. I am amazed by the strange structure here!

"Wow, the canyon below is so deep, can you touch it?" Said, my brother's hand stretched out, only to see his brother exclaim: "Why is it water, there are fish in it, and I was bitten by fish!" The tour guide smiled and said: "The water is very clear, and it looks like a canyon. All the baby fish are raised inside, and few people are bitten by baby fish!" We all laughed and said to our brother in unison: "Congratulations! Congratulations! You are finally happy! " Swish, my brother blushes for shame. Everyone continued to watch the next scenic spot while talking and laughing. I took my brother's hand and followed everyone's team to move on.

Time has passed quickly, and we will leave Qiliangdong soon. Everyone is reluctant to leave, looking back.

In the evening, everyone came to the river with their own lotus lamps for wishing in their hands, and the lotus lamps for giving hope floated on the river, colorful and beautiful! Unable to resist the temptation, we rushed to buy one, wrote down our wish and put it in the lotus lamp, then flowed into the river and went down the river. My brother and I stood by the river and watched, until our lotus lamp disappeared into our eyes, and then we reluctantly left.

Later, we settled down in the hotel closest to the Tuojiang River. The ancient city of Fenghuang can be said to be "the city depends on water, and the water is with the city." Listening to the erhu sound in the distance and watching the lotus lights flowing on the water really feast my eyes!

This trip to Phoenix made me linger, still fresh in my memory!

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