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In my heart, home is like a thick lemon juice, sour and sweet, sometimes accompanied by a trace of bitterness …

Nagging is also warm

"Get up, you're going to be late!" "Be careful on the road! Have you got your schoolbag? " "Eat more, can you grow if you eat so little?" "Do your homework first and practice the piano later!" "why don't you sleep? I have to stay in bed again tomorrow! " ……

From morning till night, my mother's nagging is all over my ears. Surrounded by these voices every day, I am really helpless, but my mother's life is difficult to violate, so I have to obediently comply. In this way, in my mother's nagging voice, I get up early every day, eat well, do my homework seriously, and take time to practice the piano … Gradually, the teacher began to praise me in class. I was surprised to find that I could do it so well.

Could it be that the achievement was achieved because there was such a nagging mother? The original incomprehension turned into gratitude, and my heart was sweet. Oh, my mother's nagging, that is the wonderful music that accompanied me to grow up.

The moment of freeze-frame

When it comes to dad, he always looks serious and doesn't like talking. But in front of me, he can always bring out a bunch of philosophy of life, as if he is tempering my will anytime and anywhere.

I always wondered whether my father loved me or not, until the day when he took me out on May Day this year: he dragged my luggage with one hand and took me through the crowded crowd with the other; His figure squeezed into the crowd and tried to lean to the counter selling cold drinks; He leans on his side, holding a cup of my favorite milk tea in his hand ... Everything around him has solidified, and he holds the figure of the cup of milk tea high, fixing it at that moment and becoming my eternal memory.

It turns out that what lies deep under Dad's cold face is deep love. At the beginning, fear turned into gratitude, and my heart was full of warmth. Oh, dad's figure, it is the lofty mountain that gives me strength.

Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

My homework will be torn off by him if I am not careful; I like to eat the cake, he will gobble it up and grab it with me; I was watching TV series, and he cried and cried out to change cartoons. When I mention my brother, my heart is sour.

However, my mind is full of good memories about my brother and me. Now that I am in junior high school, I always think of my brother's innocent appearance. Every time I go home, far away, I will see a small figure looking around the door. "Sister come back! Sister is back! " I don't know when, the little man had already flew out from hiding place, jumping and laughing like petals. The warm picture is like a beautiful silhouette.

Oh, my lovely brother is simply my happy angel. Once discontent flies away without a trace, but only endless joy in my heart. Oh, my brother's smile and happy memory will stay in my heart forever.

I see: Home is not just a taste, it is like a multi-flavor bean. But no matter how bitter or sweet, in my heart.

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