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I want to write down your name, like a game of chess, black is deep and unpredictable for a long night, Baizi is dazzling and remains a star forever.

I want to write your name - Li Bai has a lot of stars in the Tang Dynasty, and you're still the brightest star in front of me. Spangle as white on the chessboard "fly down three thousand feet. The Milky Way seems to have fallen for nine days," a sense of freedom and ease between the lines says, as you have a deep idea of the great mountains and rivers of the land. The young woman is not Chang Zheng," although the emperor of the royal family indulges in dissatisfaction in beauty and power, but also fights for the country with a sword. If you're not famous for your life, You'll live a chic life, and you should end up as an "angel poet."

But Heizi is deep and distant and knows how to progress and retreat. This was the case with Zhang Liang, one of the top three early Han dynasties. He's like a blind spot on the sun, even though he's inferior in martial arts. He was an expert in building forces "while my husband was strategically laying out. He will win thousands of miles away," is the high praise of Emperor Han Liu Pang. During the battle between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu at Li Shi, Zhang Liang suggested that "it is better to seal the descendants of the monarchs in the last six countries," and after a major victory, Lou Jing advised Liu Bang to enter the way through. Most people would have wanted the emperor to give himself a high salary and the right to worship, but he refused. The consequences are extraordinary. His wisdom is comparable to Guan Zhi and Kong Ming, and knows how to escape, no matter how strong a person is. I'm afraid he won't get close to Zhang Liang and might just become a rat and play around.

Baizi and blackzi compete against each other, and there are many changes, and the chessboard is like the sky of the universe, and eventually the years-long rivers will eventually flood all of this.

A generation of poets. Saints, let us write down their names together. Look at when you don't have light in your heart, re-fire your hopes, and experience the feeling of "unhappy with things, not sadness." Without the desire for victory, Soon it will be useless, however, sometimes abandonment is also the way to victory.

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