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Fragrant Hills Park


Xiangshan Park is located at the east foot of Xishan Mountain in Beijing, 20 kilometers away from the city. Autumn scenery is famous both at home and abroad, especially the autumn red leaf festival.

One weekend, my father and mother and I came to Xiangshan with the bustling crowd. As soon as I entered the door, "Ginkgo biloba leaves" made of silk hung in midair attracted me. There are half red, half yellow, red and yellow. When the breeze blows, the ginkgo leaves "swoosh", as if welcoming me!

Along the right path, we came to Zhisong Garden. The most striking thing is a 4-meter-high boulder with three bright red characters "Zhisong Garden" carved on it, which is vigorous and powerful. Ten giant pines are planted here. The trunk is thick and tall. The crown stretches in the air like a huge car cover. It is evergreen all the year round and stands proudly. Just like a heroic PLA soldier holding a steel gun, he is not afraid of the attack of wind and frost at all.

Bypassing Zhisong Garden, we began to climb the mountain. Not far away, I saw a few red trees in front of me, red like a brilliant sunset. I quickly ran over and looked at it carefully. Red leaves are round, and some are bright red, like red buns; Some of the leaves are red, and some are dark green and mottled; Some are even green, and a ray of sunshine shines on the leaves, shining with glittering light. What a beautiful color! We climbed up again, and along the way, I also saw some red cottonwood or yellow cottonwood, whose red leaves adorned autumn with brilliance.

We climbed up along the stream of people and walked, and the people in front of us gradually slowed down. It turned out that "ghosts see sorrow". The steep stone level of the pen scares me. I struggled to climb to the summit, using both hands and feet, like a little monkey. An hour later, we all climbed the mountain. I stood on the summit of the mountain and looked down. I had a panoramic view of Beijing. It was so beautiful!

I love the autumn of Xiangshan, and I love the red leaves of Xiangshan!

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